Welcome to the website of musician and composer, Nigel Turner-Heffer.

Lonely-GuitaristWP10Nigel plays guitar and keyboards with the band Code Indigo
and David Wright a veteran of the UK Electronic music scene and one of the foremost instrumental music composers.

He has composed music for TV mainImage3and corporate productions for
clients such as Volvo, BMW and MAN Trucks.

He Composed the ident music for the Nicotinell Patch marketing campaign and UK launch at the Metropole Hotel London,
and the Asia Launch at the Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong.

He composed the music used for the “Laser Fantasy Show” at the
Blackpool Tower, and has composed music for the
“Trisha Goddard” television program on channel 5 TV.


OUT SOON: “PALE BLUE DOT” by Nigel Turner-Heffer and David Wright.



Code Indigo – Take The Money And Run

Take the Money and Run’ reflects the history of this enigmatic band with a clever choice of songs, old and new, that also feature many of the bands’ recent musicians; presented with a 16 page booklet containing various line-up pics and notes on the project by David Wright.

The CD contains two expertly Dave Massey crafted remixes from ‘TimeCode’: the pulsating ‘Eden to Corruption’ and a stripped bare ‘Call of the Earth’. ‘Return to Gaia’ is a new version of a track previously only available on a limited edition European compilation. ‘Ashes and Snow’ is a brand new piece which was unable to be included on ‘MELTdown’.

‘A Question of Answers’ sees Wright and Fox joined by vocalist Carys to revisit and re-record in the studio a beautiful piece previously only available on the Derby Cathedral CD. This track, both artists agree, best sums up Code Indigo. The final 30 minute epic is a live track from 2007 featuring 6 interlinked pieces from ‘For Whom the Bell’, ‘Uforia’, ‘TimeCode’ and ‘Chill’.

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Code Indigo – MELTdown

Code Indigo is regarded as one of Europe’s premiere electronic music bands and with MELTdown, they’ve delivered an aptly named follow up to the 2007 release ‘Chill’ and it has already been described as; “A majestic tour de force”.

Helmed by veteran UK synth maestro David Wright, co founder and sole survivor from the original 1994 line-up, and producer Dave Massey, the new look Code Indigo continues its own tradition of producing imaginative and thematic keyboard/guitar based chill-out music.

While comparisons have been made with instrumental ‘Pink Floyd’ and ‘Art of Noise’, the Code Indigo sound and style remains totally original, unique and above all, contemporary.

‘MELTdown’ is an epic, concept style musical journey. There are 16 beautifully conceived and highly evocative interlinked tracks that cleverly pay homage to all previous Code Indigo albums while remaining inventive and original. It is moody and topical electronica featuring some of the most atmospheric and thought provoking chill out style electronica you’re likely to hear anywhere.

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Code Indigo – In Concert (Double live album)

This stunning double album is already being hailed as the best Code Indigo work too date.

Compiled from the groups live appearances in the UK and Europe between 2004 and 2006, culminating in the e-live festival in Holland and the UK Fisher Theatre appearance, “In Concert” is the definitive record of a band in perfect harmony, performing at the peak of their combined creative and musical talents.

“On a scales of 1-10 this has a “Wow” factor of 11 – absolutely brilliant!” MM

“A superbly performed and technically inspired recording”. TC

“Probably the best music ever from Code Indigo” E.D.

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Trinity – Music for Angels

Angels have featured in many fictitious stories and art forms over the decades and this Music for Angels CD is in the same vein.
68 minutes of drifting meditation music that’s in a class of its own.

This is classic instrumental music, where the three musicians have combined their respective talents to present a unique vision of what ‘drifting meditation music’ should be. Beautiful, delicate pads and strings intertwine with gentle lead lines underpinned by gorgeous acoustic guitar work.

There’s superb interaction between the musicians along the way to, from the romantic refrains of ‘Loves Purest Light’ through the gently uplifting ‘Angels in the Sunlight’ and into the thought provoking ‘Eternal Reincarnation’. This is new age meditation music to savour!

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 David Wright – Sines of Life (Volume 1) 

David’s 20th solo album is a melodic and gently rhythmic journey highlighting some of his recent live UK and USA performances alongside new studio recordings.

The album features guest musicians including Ian Boddy and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and the live music arrangements are completely different versions of the studio originals.

CD comes with a 12 page booklet with photos, text written by David plus a commentary on David’s 20 years in the business penned by Steve Roberts.

Nigel helped compose and plays guitar on the track 3.A.M.

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David Wright – Dreams and Distant Moonlight

David continues to produce music of a high standard and this epic new studio album is no exception and may well be regarded as one of his finest works.

Fifteen interlinked tracks spanning a colossal 77 minutes of music that is stylistically a cross between “Walking With Ghosts” and “Continuum”.

The album features Andy Lobban and Nigel Turner- Heffer on lead and bass guitars respectively and there are also some vocal textures that will no doubt draw comparison with Code Indigo.

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Code Indigo – The MELTdown Concert DVD (Visuals Produced and Edited by Nigel Turner-Heffer)

‘The MELTdown Concert’ DVD showcases the extraordinary graphics backdrop that accompanied Code Indigo’s 2013 appearance at the E-Day festival in Holland. Code Indigo performed ‘MELTdown’ live only once, so while this DVD is not a ‘live’ DVD in the usual sense, it is an opportunity to view the graphics interlaced with live footage and hear the extended ‘MELTdown’ concert.

For those who were there, this DVD will rekindle fond memories. For those who weren’t, we hope it will give you the taste of an unforgettable audio visual experience. ‘The MELTdown Concert DVD’ presents the album in extended format. It is an original, moody and topical electronic/rock concept album and at the time of going to press it is one of the top 5 CDs in the prestigious German Schallwelle Music Award’s “Best International CD” category.

Code-Indigo-MELTdown-Concert-DVD-300 To Hear and Purchase this DVD please click on the cover. Thank you.